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In times of trouble I was told, “Just have faith, God has a plan." But when you're tested, I mean REALLY PUSHED TO THE LIMITS and all you hear is silence to your prayers, what keeps you rooted to your faith? 


Reason For Faith serves as a vessel to project my passion, that is finding the justification that God exists in biology, cosmology, astronomy, anthropology, geology, mathematics, philosophy  and many other sciences.

I needed more than blind faith and the good intentions and well meaning words of man.  I wondered if I felt like this many other might feel the same too. So my purpose is to clue anyone who is going through the depths of despair as to what inspired me to cling onto life when I didn't think I could carry on.

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Here we go again!!! Not liking this path

So last night (21 August 2018) was a tough one. Just an accumulation of pressure brought about by financial strain, a despair at the effort (1.5 years) I have placed into getting my business off the ground with absolutely NO traction and an dangerous contemplation at the injustices in the world, lead to a downward spiral of emotions. 

To Top It Off

My son was having a really tough time having had his friend return home to Canada after visiting us for 10 days. 2 years ago we moved from Calgary Canada to the UK and our kids are still struggling with the turmoil of emotions it left then with. After a family intervention to try and calm that my son as well as bring some perspective to the situation I just felt the burden was suffocating me.

The burden was suffocating.

So I decided to go for a long walk and got lost in world of frustrated contemplation. On several occasions I allowed myself the briefest of resentful feelings towards God before becoming fearful and quickly retracting my thoughts. Why did life have to be so hard, filled with so many struggles. I've prayed every night for over 1.5 years asking for some success in my business so I can pull myself and my family out of an endless cycle of financial struggles. The phrase "God Helps those who help themselves" continually swirled through my head. But I heard no answer, I saw no light.

God Helps those who help themselves

When I got home I was deep in my own bitter and slightly resentful reflection. I sat myself outside our house in a quiet corner of our back garden when my wife came out to check in on me.

There's nothing like a dose of real hardship to put things in perspective. You see she is a nurse and was telling me a story of how she was in a room testing one of the medical machines earlier that day.

The Doctors were furiously pumping his chest. 

They came rushing over to the machine to test the patients blood and within minutes the machine churned out the results, Oxygen level 0!

The patient had passed away, Now I don't know the details of that persons life, but it's entirely conceivable that earlier that day that person was making breakfast going about their normal routine not knowing that a few hours later it would all be over.

Stop, Contemplate , Take Stock and Take Command

My wife had just given me a dose of reality. No matter how hard things appear, it could be worse! I had to man up, face my challenges head on, strive through adversity and take a healthy dose of my own advise which only a few hours ago I had given to my son. If you're going to lead, do it from the front and lead by example.

There is something to be said for stoicism. We live in a generation where our children are dubbed snowflakes. If we crumble after a bit of pressure what chance to we stand of giving our kids a role model to follow. We send them a message that it's OK to crumble, to mask hardship with anti-depressants, alcohol or drugs. Suffering is what makes you stronger.

Overcome your own obstacles before you impart similar advice!

I decided there and then that tomorrow I would write this blog. If I could inspire just one person to stand up, face their adversity and overcome their challenges then I would have made the world just a little bit better. It might take some time because I have just created this website. I don't have an audience but one day my desire is to provide motivation and inspiration to others. And.....

If I'm going to inspire others then I better start cleaning up my own act!
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